Hold Me Tight

Hold Me Tight - Alex Whitehall

Didn't want to read this.

The prompt picture turned me off (he looks barely 15 or something!) coupled with that prompt text and tags. 



A short story in the collection "Don't Read in the Closet, Volume One" from the MM Romance Group Hot Summer Event 2011.
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Picture and prompt:

Dear Author,

This photo screams D/s to me.

I believe the young man has run away from home the day after his high school graduation to escape an abusive step-father who molested him while his mother was too sick to know what was happening. He's living on the streets (or beach) and looking for love (someone to give a damn) in all the wrong places including gay bars and dark alleys.

The older man rescues him from someone taking advantage of him (hurting him) and takes him home for a few days till the boy gets on his feet. What the older man didn't count on was the kid getting to his protective and dominant instincts with the boy's submissive (calming) reaction to the slightest touch of skin on skin. What happens then is up to you. HFN or HEA with D/s works for me.


Dee Wyeth 

Genre: Contemporary 

Tags: hurt-comfort, age-gap, light-BDSM (rough/bossy), barely-legal (he’s 18), boy off the streets