Reflections - Justin South ** 2 passion juice stars **

..and you'll get that ^^ if you read this....uhm, confusing and "purple prose" short story.

Urban dictionary for "purple prose":
A term used to describe literature where the writing is unnecessarily flowery. it means that the writer described the situation (or wrote the entire book, passage, etc) using words that are too extravagant for the type of text, or any text at all. Basically, over-describing something. with stupid words.

THAT is an accurate description of this short story. It was so ridiculous that I laughed out loud several times, the rest of the times I was just confused.
So there's one star for the story (rubbish) and one bonus stars for ridiculous purple prose that made me laugh.

"How I wish to discover the splendours of his torso. To finger and lip and lick his strong defined chest and nipples, those tent poles under his body-fitting polo-necks he now wears (...) And to sink the implements of my quest into the valleys of his abs, and rub and doodle them over their muscly plateaus."

Nipple tent poles for you there... and implements of quest = fingers and lips? Muscly plateaus...

"How I long my teeth to grip the waistband and rip the elastic to his ankles, to bathe my face in the aromas of his manliness, burying my nose in the huskiness of his pubic playground, and taste the delectable flavours of his virility."
How I long my teeth... ehhh... Whut?
Sorry, this does nothing for my pubic playground.

So, the MC walks in to a coffee shop and envision his love interest and himself having a the display...
"To twist and roll and clench our naked bodies in arousing passion over the open tops, spraying beans and cheeses and oils and vinegars about in ecstatic disarray. To slide to the floor on cascades of overturned bags, blending them as we grind and crunch and hump our pelvises and bellies and chests and lips. To writhe and trash and squirm our oil glistened, bean streaked bodies in torrid streaming, slimy, aromatic fervour, our sweaty moaning excitement brewing our desire, our hot cream erupting in contented satiable bliss."

Rolling around in the food and coffee display? Spraying beans and cheeses and oils and vinegars about in ecstatic disarray... Sorry for ruining your lunch and coffee run at the corner shop.
...slimy, aromatic fervour... Slimy? SLIMY??
...our hot cream erupting in contented bliss... Do you want some cream with that coffee? No? Sure?
How about this one?

My dazed eyeballs lock to his...

I dart to his eyes, those orbs of bittersweet expressions, gazing into pale oceanic tranquility, noticing the minute artistery of his sensual eyelids, guarded by cute black lashes, and the stunning natural grooming of his brows.
I--I.... I don't even have words...

"Mmmm, you excite me. Perhaps we should find out."
"What? To discover if each intimate liaison improves or if I am a sexual demon?"
Have you had intimate liaison recently?

I'm more of a call-a-spade-a-spade kind of girl, or rather call-a-cock-a-cock, not his hardening rod of over-stretched excitement OR a rampant upright weapon of sexual intent.


A short story in the collection "Don't Read in the Closet, Volume One" from the MM Romance Group Hot Summer Event 2011.
Click HERE for the story online or  HERE to download the whole collection for your reading device.

Picture and prompt:

Dear Author,

I was looking through the 'cuddling' pictures of the NFSW picture thread and I kind of fell in love with this one. 

To the untrained eye it seems like there isn't much going on, but to me I feel like there's something reflecting in this man's eyes, some unnamed emotion.

I feel like there's something he wants to tell me but he can't express it through words, I was thinking that maybe you can help me figure what he wants to say?

Or am I reading too much into this this pic? Am I seeing something that just isn't there?