Breaking Cover

Breaking Cover - Kaje Harper

**** 3,5 stars ****

I've been dithering back and forth on my rating, and I ended up rating this one a bit less than #1. Basically because I liked #1 better. It's not that this one is bad or bad-er, it's just, I feel I need to distinguish between #1 and #2. It's not a 3 and it's not fully a 3, so 3,5 stars it is.

I really like when two people meet and start to get to know each other and everything is new and exciting and so. And, of course, that was in #1, naturally. In "Breaking Cover" Mac and Tony is a couple, but only behind closed doors. Tony is bothered by this, but doesn't want to put pressure on Mac. Mac is, well he is VERY in the closet, and he is not coming out anytime...


I liked the book, but didn't love it. I'm on the fence on continuing the series. I think I will, but I have a feeling that the next book will be (even more) "domestic" than this book turned out. Mac and Tony's relationship is real. They have real problems, and I have enough of real problems in real life that I'm not sure I want to read about them in my books. I may continue, though. I don't know. I'm still dithering apparently.