Storm of Passion: A Short Story

Storm of Passion: A Short Story - Dustin Adrian Rhodes

* barely half a star *


----------------SPOILER REVIEW!!  -------------------------

This started out pretty good, after reading a bit I entertaining the thought of a 3 stars rating, thinking how it develops will show if the rating goes up or down or stay as 3 stars. I liked the characters and the introduction to the story. The prompt was followed, so thumbs up for that. But then one of the characters, started dropping lines I didn't much care for.

The MC, Parker (who's supposedly straight) wakes after having an erotic dream about his friend, Jamie (who's gay).

Parker views himself in the mirror after waking and thinks:


"What is this shit? I'm no fag. Why the hell was I kissing Jamie.


Rinse and repeat the night after and Parker thinks:


"I'm not no homo. So why're images of Jaime consuming my every thought?"


I felt the rating wavering at this point, but I read on. Parker is confused and starts wondering why he's suddenly feeling this was and thinks

------------------------- was because it had been a long dry-spell since he had last tapped a nice juicy twat.



But! It's not over, is it? Oh no, we're not at the ending yet! Parker has to talk to Jamie about everything, and the way he goes about doing that... well, lets just say that a cop and his handcuff have never been so off putting.

Jesuschristarrrgh! *tears hair*

Parker sneaks up on his friends and handcuffs him to a chair, because he needs to confess that he realizes he loves Jaime. He acts so irrational that Jamie is freaked out.


"Damn it Jamie, this is so hard for me," he slammed the kitchen table with both fists, dust and Jamie jumped. Jamie wet him self.

"Ever since you've come back, I can't get you out of my head." Staring at the table to, tears tumbled from his bowed head, marking the dust like thunderstorm rain pellets. "You're even in my fuckin' dreams." Parker sobbed. "Do you know what its like - to realize you world has turned upside down, suddenly realizing you love someone and they don't love you in return?" Tears filled his eyes, "I'm trying to tell you - I'm falling in love with you," raising his head to meets Jamie's gaze.


Now, I don't know about you, but all I could think about was HE WET HIMSELF!! What the FUCK???

And then...


"I love you too," staring at the floor, Jamie whimpered. (...)

Rushing to Jamie, he knelt in front of him, dropping his head into his lap and sobbing.

"I'm sorry for everything. Believe me. This wasn't supposed to have happened like this. Please, please forgive me.(...)"


He.dropped.his.head.. into a pee soaked lap?!?!?!

Fuck this shit. 

A short story in the collection "Don't Read in the Closet, Volume One" from the MM Romance Group Hot Summer Event 2011.
Click HERE for the story online or  HERE to download the whole collection for your reading device.

Picture and prompt:

Dear Author,

Jaime and Parker here are best friends. After realizing he is gay and knowing he can never confess his true feelings for his straight best friend, Jaime joins the army right after high school. 10 years later he's come home and their friendship rekindles as if he had never left. Jaime knows he is still in love with Parker but he would rather die than tell him his true feelings. But the way Parker looks at him sometimes, especially his lips, is making him think maybe there is something more between them.

Parker is so happy Jaime is back in town. He missed their friendship and all the things they used to do. But why is he all of a sudden having erotic dreams about him and why cant he stop looking at his lips? I mean he's straight, right?

Can someone please help these two out???



Genre: contemporary

Tags: coming out, cop, first love, friends to lovers, police, soldier

PS. sorry about the weird format, but I copied in and the html code is a mess, and I can't be bothered to tweak it to make it look better. I don't want anything more to do with this book...