Bear Naked

Bear Naked - J.L. Merrow *** 3,5 nudist stars ***

Certainly the most original prompt and plot until now in this anthology. Got an extra half star for that alone.
This is the only story I think I've ever read where the characters starts out with their clothes off and finishes with their clothes on

Was it good? Well, it was a bit short and lacking, I would have loved to know more, but it was cute and it put a smile on my face. :D
The story fit the picture and prompt perfectly.

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A short story in the collection "Don't Read in the Closet, Volume One" from the MM Romance Group Hot Summer Event 2011.
Click HERE for the story online or  HERE to download the whole collection for your reading device.

Picture and prompt:

Dear Author,

I can’t even begin to say how embarrassed I am for sitting here with a stomach full of butterflies. I’ve never done anything like this before. Hell, I’m NAKED! I’ve never even kissed and I’m sitting here nekkid? That damn Phil! It’s his fault. He said that I would have the best time. Yeah, right. 

Phil and I had been best friends since kindergarten. We did everything together. He always had my back and looked out for me. Phil was a joker, the cool jock, and straight. I was (still am) the shy one. My head was always in a book. Yeah, that’s me in the glasses with a bowl of cereal for a loin cloth. Thank the gods for cool glasses these days, yeah? Even when I got up the courage to tell Phil that I was gay, he didn’t hate me for that. He wanted me to be happy. He told me that he always knew and said, “What took you so long to tell me?” He accepted me. All the fretting I’d done over telling him, geez. Phil got sick last January. I was with him till his last day at the hospice. Damn, I miss him so much.

We (he) planned this trip two years ago on a whim…on a dare really. Phil had dared me to venture out in life. What? Like I didn’t already have one? He laughed at that and said that work and books were not the only things in life for a cool teddy bear. Coulda fooled me. Teddy bear? He wanted to help me come out of my shell. 

He got some travel brochures for Gay resorts. Yup, that’s how Phil rolled, coz he thought I’d never do it. We looked them over, and guess which one he picked? You got it…the nekkid, clothing NOT optional resort. Coming out of your shell, my ass! I was terrified! I didn’t show it then and laughed it off. But oh god, when I got home….

So here I sit. My first morning here…in my birthday suit for chrissake…along with every guy here. Shit, what am I doing? I met the guy sitting across from me this morning standing in the food line. Guess where my bowl was? He introduced himself and asked if we could sit together for breakfast. Courage, courage, I said yes. Ahhhhhh! What am I supposed to do now? Everything is all new! How am I going to get through the rest of this trip?! Help!!!


Genre: contemporary

Tags: Bears, nudists, first time, fluff, holiday romance, coming out, humor