A Little Bit Country

A Little Bit Country - S.J. Frost

*** 3,5 Hot N Cold stars ***

A nice "short" story about a rocker and a country artist hooking up.

They came from different lifestyles, different backgrounds, different music styles, but when he looked into Ash's eyes, he'd never met anyone who seemed so familiar.

I say "short" because, geez, the chapters just kept coming!  The story was good, but it either needed to be more "compact" or been longer, you know? It ended up in the middle. Too long for a shortie, and too short for a, well longer story. 

And these guys ran hot and cold!

A bit repetitive.

But, there was a HEA ending, though. It was good, but could have been great in my opinion.

"Maybe it means you've got a little country in you, after all?" [Jackson]
Ash turned a smirk on him. "Well, I did enjoy the country that was in me earlier.

A short story in the collection "Don't Read in the Closet, Volume One" from the MM Romance Group Hot Summer Event 2011.
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Dear Author,

These two men used to be rivals. A (country) music star who is the perfect son in law material and a volatile rock star with an attitude. The men have been at odds for years, the media fueling the rivalry. But somehow their animosity turned into tenderness. How did that happen? 

Now, dear author, I realize this set up has the potential to produce a really sappy story. I personally hate sap and anything remotely resembling corniness. I hope for cynicism, anger and explosive emotions (translating to HOT sex!). Oh: and tats and black eyeliner. :)



Genre: contemporary

Tags: musicians, rivals to lovers