Down and Dirty

Down and Dirty - Rhys Ford

**** 4 Sunshine stars ****

"Hang on to me, Sunshine (...) I'm going to give you the ride of your life."

Finally, I got to read about what Bobby and Ichiro had been up to! That last sentence of book #4? OMG! Delivered in Bobby's subtle ways, of course.

Bobby have been present in the story of Cole McGinnis right from the start. He always came across as a man being more than what was being portrayed. He's an asshole and kind of a whore, but I feel it has been a front, hiding who he really is underneath. 

Bobby Dawson was a scoundrel and a rogue, a bit of a rebel with a dangerous smile, and Ichiro found himself drawn to the man Cole called his best friend as if he were a moth and Bobby was the only light source left in the universe.


Who else to try to uncover the man beneath, but Ichiro is Cole's half brother. He is offlimits, but their attraction proves to strong.


I loved Bobby and Ichi in this story. It was great to get to know them better. I also like that this books takes place following the timeline of book #4.
I loved meeting and seeing the other charcters from the series, but from someone else's view. I love seeing a "scene" from different perspective, like this: 

"Don't." Jae leaned in close and whispered. 
"You don't know what I'm---" [Ichiro]
"I know that look. I had that look when I thought about getting together with Cole-ah in the beginning. Don't tell me I don't know."

"That's my brother you're staring at there, old man," Cole muttered into Bobby's ear as he sat down beside him. "No need to get him pregnant with your eyes."
"A guy can look, Princess," Bobby shot back (...) "Maybe you should tell your baby brother not to suck that thing [BBQ rib bone] off like he's trying to remove chrome from a tailpipe. Might give a man the wrong idea."

I loved that the actually talked to each other, instead of going around just thinking stuff in their heads. They knew what they were getting into could turn out all sorts of wrong. They didn't take each other's dishing out lying down either. Mostly, it's kudos to Ichiro for laying it on Bobby and not taking Bobby's shit. :D

They had to tell Cole, though:

"So then, what do you want to do? Here. Us." (...) Now's a good time to walk away, Ichi. Before it goes any deeper between us."
"Yeah, you're not getting rid of me that easy, Dawson," Ichiro said, standing up. "Only thin you and I are going to do is... well shit, tell Cole. Because I'm not going to sneak around behind his back." (...)
"Just let me tell him. I've know him longer than you have, and to be hones, I've got a way with words. I can break it to him gently. Just wait and see. He won't even blink."

Hehe, yeah, right Bobby! LOL!

So, why not 5 stars? Well, I would have liked there to be more bumps in the road, or turns in any case. They getting together were a little bit straight forward. There weren't many surprises. I also missed some mystery, that wasn't part of their story, but still.,I'm also hanging on to the last star for the audio. ;) 

I can't wait for the audio to be done for this book! This whole series have been narrated superbly by Greg Tremblay. Following him on FB, he's hoping that the audio will be out even earlier than the beginning of March. So I'm crossing my fingers!

Here's even an audio sample for the first 15 minutes of the book!

If you want to have the characters from this series real close. Check out the ringtones made by Tremblay. *dying* How cool is that!!

Scroll down, and click on one of the links to download :D There are 21 different ringtones in all.

Bobby: "You alright there, Princess?"
           "Hello, Princess."
           "Hey, Princess, answer you phone!"
           "You, Sunshine, are my worst nightmare and my favorite dream."
           "Say goodnight, Princess" [Bobby] "Goodnight, Princess." [Cole]

Claudia: "Did you just drink the last of the coffee?"
             "I like that hot cabbage stuff they make, that's good."
             "You got a message here."
             "I was alright if God was comin' for me, because you were right there to see me on."

Cole:     "D-does it have eyeballs? I don't want to eat it if it has eyeballs."
             "Sometimes I gotta be less of a precious special unicorn."
             "I love you, man, but you're kind of a whore."
             "Ah, what's the worst that can happen?"

Jae:      "Aish."
            "Have fun. Don't get shot."
            "Saranghe, agi."

Maddy   "Girls can like sports too, jackass."

Scarlett: "Hello, baby."
             "It doesn't matter who you love, as long as you love."
             "Hello, musang."
             "I don't need saving, baby."


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