Fifteen Shades of Gay (For Pay)

Fifteen Shades of Gay (For Pay) - T. Baggins

**** 4 surprisingly good stars ****


"Then I have everything I’ll ever need."


This book was surprisingly good! I did not expect such a complex story with this subject. The title wasn't exactly begging to be read either, but it (the title) is explained, so even though it started out cheesy it made sense. The author managed to describe the setting and characters in a very real way, what was happening, what was being said and how the characters acted. I liked that nothing about it seemed polished as many romances can be. 

I've read reviews of this book before writing my own and they are all over the place. I get why they are both high and low. I had some of the same issues as a lot of people had concerning the story, some of it was not pleasant (*shakes fist at Sven*). But how you view the story has an impact on how you perceive the story, in my opinion. At first I was like "I want to know more about the romance!", but then I started to view the whole book as, well kind of a journey, for lack of a better word, Andrew's "journey" with the escort business and he tells [us] me what he is experiencing. Here's how the title is important too. So through Andrew's experiences he meets romance, but his experiences are just as important for the book as the romance. You with me?

In addition to his "journey", as I said for the lack of a better word, he also takes care of his sister who has cancer and who's seriously ill after all her treatments. Getting to pay for his sisters cancer treatment is the whole reason for Andrew making the decision to get into the escort business in the first place. There is nothing he wouldn't do to save his beloved sister. A good deal of the book describes Andrew's and his sister relationship, and it was so great. I loved his sister, she was awesome! But, oh so sick, sadly.

"That book is garbage. No more cancer books for me. From now on it’s all romances or porn. Preferably romances with porn," Marie declared.

~Marie, Andrew's sister~

The author does a great job handling all the serious topics in this book, including the cancer. 

All this being said, the book was not perfect and some of it I didn't like at all, but overall, I think you should give this book a try. I tried to give my thoughts on this book. If you want to read more thorough review, check out Heather's review and and especially Meli Mel's review

Try it out, you may like it. :)