Bad Boyfriend

Bad Boyfriend - K.A. Mitchell

**** 4,5 Eli stars *****

This is the second book in the Bad in Baltimore series. In this we meet Eli, a secondary character from #1 Bad Company. You can get of taste of Eli in my review of #1.

I LOVED Eli! He was such a refreshing character. A clubbing twink, but with more to him than a pretty face and rapid-firing, clever tongue, and more baggage than his small slender frame should be able to carry. I loved his quick wit and his penchant for kink. And, boy, does he find it in Quinn. Phew!

God, had the man seen a PowerPoint of Eli Wright's kinks?
~Eli about Quinn~

I got dizzy reading about them going at it, but then I figured out I was holding my Kindle so hard and holding my breath. Hehe.. ;)

Eli loves a toppy Top and Quinn discovers he is one. They're also surprised, and very pleasantly so, to discover they have a common Daddy kink. Now, Daddy/Boy kink can either work well, or it doesn't work at all and is a total turn off. Here, though, it is FAB-U-LOUS!!! You know, in my humble horny opinion. I liked that is wasn't an established Daddy kink, if you know what I mean? They just found out they liked it and it turned them both on and they just went with the flow, so to speak.

There's also dirty talk, rimming and spanking.

Quinn put enough weight on Eli to keep him from getting a good grind on the mattress and fucked him hard. A roll of fear in his stomach told him he was too close to losing control as Eli, but he couldn't resist pinning both Eli's hands with a lef-handed grip so the right could land another electric, ripple-inducing swat on Eli's ass.
He [Quinn] lifted himself on his arms. (...) "Roll over and let me suck you, honey."
"Okay". All the desperation was gone from Eli's voice, though he sounded eager enough. "But I'm shifting out of the wet spot first."
"You little shit." Quinn sat back, staring at the spot where a string of come hung from Eli's slick, softening cock.
"Here's a tip. If you don't want someone whose ass is one big erogenous zone to come, don't spank him when there's anything but air on his dick." Eli tucked his hands behind his neck and leaned back against the pillows, legs spread. "But like I said, I can get hard again pretty fast--sooner if you stick soemthing in my ass--and I'd love a blowjob." He winked. "Daddy."
"You're something else." Quinn muttered.
"Tell me something I don't know."

Oh, what the heck, I'm throwing in this star too, because that is my face :D 

Now all this awesomeness comes with a price, though. Quinn just got dumped by the biggest A-hole of a man in the worst possible way and the worst possible situation. And the worst about it all just keeps coming. I had a bit of difficulty dealing with the whole mess of Quinn's situation, because, wow, he really has the biggest conscience or patient in history. o.O He really felt like they were his family too, but geez. Peter was just... ugh! How come no one thought about, Chrissy, eh???

The blurb warns you, though: 
"Warning: Contains an absolute bastard of an ex-boyfriend. Not responsible for sudden uncontrollable urges to punch him in the teeth. "

In the end I just, well I just went with the flow and focused on enjoying Eli. 

"I can't believe I've missed this sport. It's all about fingering holes and caressing balls."
~Eli about bowling~

And Quinn, when he wasn't messing up. :)

Sooo, convinced yet? No, you want more? Tsk, tsk...
Alright, here then, a sexy scene in the car.

"Don't come."
The command snapped through him, leaving him hanging on the edge.
"Put you hands on your thighs and look at me." (...) He opened his eyes.
Quinn's gaze flicked over him and the back to the road. "Christ, you're fucking hot. Let me taste you again."
If Eli touched his cock, he was going to come. If Quinn sucked on his fingers again, Eli was going to come.
"I thought you were good, come on."
Eli clenched his jaw, his ass, his thighs, his abs and ran a finger over the slit, a hiss breaking through his lips.
Quinn didn't wait for him but lunged onto his fingers, sucking it deep. "That's it. Put your hand on your dick again."
"I'll come." And he almost never came without something in his ass, but this was fucking torture. Quinn didn't say anything, and Eli tried a light stroke.
The ache, the need, came roaring back, shaking loose inside.
"Don't." Quinn growled.
"Please. I'll get hard again. God, please."
"No." Quinn's voice shook, and he slammed to a stop at the bottom of a ramp. Eli opened his mouth, and Quinn leaded over and kissed him.
"Put it away now. We're almost there."
Eli let his teeth scrape Quinn's jaw.
"Please, Daddy."
"Shit." Quinn's breath whistled sharply, and he jerked back. "No." There wasn't anything but heat in his smile now. "Be a good boy."

And that ^^ was at 11%. LOL. Enjoy!

Damn, writing this review made me want to read it again.