First Class Package

First Class Package - Jay Northcote *** 3 cuddly toy stars ***

"Well, you see.... I have this cute postman who deliver's stuff to my house."

Cute short story. Didn't think there was a "Holiday/Christmas feel" over it, though. Points for taking place in the UK. *soft spot*

It reminded me of [b:Handle with Care|13450049|Handle with Care|Josephine Myles||18971569] by Josephine Myles I've read a looong time ago. My review is kind of short and lacking since it was one of my first review ever.
Handle with Care was much cuter and has more of a story than First Class Package. It features Ollie (come on, how cute it that (nick)name, huh?) a purple-haired skateboarder slash delivery guy.
Read the blurb and see if it tickles your fancy. You could check that one out instead of this. ;)