Rated: XXXmas

Rated: XXXmas - E.F. Mulder, Lisa Henry, J.A. Rock #1 Fall on Your Knees by Lisa Henry & J.A. Rock


* 1 sad and disappointed star *

----DNF at 28%----


I love reading Lisa Henry and J.A. Rock. Several books of one or both of them are amongst my favorite books.

This, however, was not one of them.

I'm one for kink, alright, and a rough and tumble and dom/sub and everything. Give me some smut and I'm a happy lady! I love reading a good BDSM story. I've read a lot of it and I enjoy it very much. What makes BDSM and kink great are the feel for the characters and the feels between the characters. I can take/read about quite a bit of play and punishment. Hell, I enjoy it. Even menages. I love a great menage. But I have.got.to.have.some.feels, or at least a connection with the characters. It doesn't matter if it's "romance" or "erotica", you can have feels with erotica too.

All that I've mentioned above fell short in this story in my humble opinion.

Something felt off, absent. Therefore the character interactions, the scenes and the kink felt... mean.

I dnf'd after the enema scene. Apparently it's not one of my kinks I enjoy reading about. Since, God knows, I've (TMI -->) administered a lot through my work, so you know, I don't want it to mix with my love of reading smut. :P It was not the enema per se, that made me dnf. It was more that it just felt mean. I didn't like how the character behaved and what they said. It was just.. no.

I wish I could have enjoyed this story more. I expected more from these authors since I have enjoyed great books from them in the past. It felt that the kink was just "poured" all over and the connection between the character forgotten.

#2 Shepherd, Wise Man and the little Drummer Boy by E.F. Mulder


* 1 boring star *

Here is an idea... How about NOT cramming all these plot points into this short story, eh?

(stupid stupid GR won't load this picture, while at LM it works perfectly. Arg! You can click the link to see it, though.)

Too many characters to keep track off. To many relations between them to keep track off. Too many plot points introduced and keep track off. It got confusing and boring.

I managed to catch a bit of sweetness in between it all, though. But still..