The Trouble With Elves

The Trouble With Elves - Therese Woodson, Ryan Kennard Burke

**** 4 awesome stars ****

Audio edition, narrated by Ryan Kennard Burke.
1 hour, 54 min.

Overall: 4
Performance: 4
Story: 4

This was such a perfect short holiday read/listen!
Cal, the I-hate-Christmas guy, catches the eye of one of the elves in Santa's Village close to his work place in the mall. Will they get a Merry Christmas on their own?

Loved both MCs and the secondary characters, especially Brock! Perfect novella sized story. Not a lot of steam, though, but it wasn't necessary either. Loved it with all it's sweetness!

Burke did a great job narrating this story. He made all the voices and his voice fitted the narration. I was very impressed. His tune singing skills need a bit of work, though.

Highly recommended!