Bad Company

Bad Company - K.A. Mitchell ** 2,5 stars **

At first I had sympathy for Nate, reading about what he'd been through involving Kellan (read the blurb). Kellan is a spoiled jerk who wants to get back at his dad after his dad cut him off. Not much sympathy for him. Nate seemed like the nice guy while Kellan is the jerk. As the story develops this dynamic kind of shifts and ends up with Nate as the jerk I have little or no sympathy for and Kellan the really nice guy. Kellan's character grew and he shows that he really is a nice guy and trying his damned best to be a better man than his father.

The story is a bit predicable, but sometimes that is alright. It was predictable up until a point where if got a bit confusing and I wasn't sure why this and that happened. I think it had something to do with the shift in the nice guy/jerk dynamic? I dunno.

Some was good, some wasn't.

What really grabbed my attention and stole my heart was the secondary character Eli, the clubbing twink with rapid fire comebacks.

Eli turned out to be a few inch shorter and a whole lot skinnier that Nate, with black hair hanging in gray eyes that turned silver-bright with the black eyeliner around them. His skin looked smooth like a girl's, lower lip pouting enough to make Kellan's dick twitch in a way that had him thinking Eli knew how to work the whole genderbending thing. Masculine jaw, but the cheeks and lips shiny.

The whole book is worth reading only to experience Eli's interactions with the world and the MC.
I loved him.

"Oh my God, who do you know? Who is it? I wouldn't tell anyone, I swear, not even if my mouth was full of dick." Eli held up his palm like he was taking an oath.

The plot and the character (except Eli) didn't quite work for me, but it's an alright gfy tale. And it's free on Amazon. And I did say it's worth reading just because of Eli, right?
The second book in the series is about him so I'll definitely reading that!