The Shearing Gun

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-------spoilerish review----------------

***** 4,5 Quackle stars *****

"I'm planning on buying you a couple of fuckin' chooks so you'll stay. What part of that doesn't say I love you?".

Ahh, thank you, Marco for "nudging" me to read this book!

I have to say that the blurb for this book is really good. It perfectly describes the story. What it doesn't relay is how adorable and funny and sweet and hot it was!

I was a bit confused with the title at first, though, since the actual shearing and "shearing gun" expression doesn't come into the story until about 60% or something. Sure Hank, the MC, has a farm and sheeps, but a good first portion of the book there's not much talk about it. ;) So, I was thinking that the title didn't fit. Now after finishing it, I think it's perfect! Although... *musing* maybe it should be called "The Shearing Gun and the City Doctor." Or "The the Hot, Sweaty, Tanned Shearing Guy and the Twinky-ish, Adorable Doctor."

And, come on! The cover! There's a sheep on the cover of a MM romance book. How cool is that?! :D

Hank and "Quackle". Oh, wow.

I loved how the friendship and the interest were developing between them, going from hanging out, to friendship, to fuck buddies, to lover, to boyfriends, to love. I think this is one of the best book I've read where this development has occured like this and worked so well. No insta-lust and insta-fuck. I do like that in books too, but sometimes... sometimes it's better like in this book.

That being said, the pervy part of me (which is like 90-10, okay maybe 80-20... OKAY! 99-1) would have loved more uhm... "fishing". Because that "fishing expedition" in the kitchen was HOTTTT!!!

Like stomach knotting, pulse racing, brow sweating, heart palping, wide eyed UNF!


Some tiny details though to put my finger on. I felt that around the 60-ish% mark there was a turn in the writing style. Suddenly the sex and their relationship development was just mentioned instead of being "on camera". The plot continued to developed, but was only narrated and some time went by. A few times of just mentioning they continued to "fish" I could deal with. But then there was the deal about Elliot promising to top Hank if Hank managed to break the shearing record. Hank's thoughts about this were told in detail while he was shearing. When they get into bed that night the story just stops and BAM! next chapter. I was like, there's a whole chapter missing here! Hence my rage at 70%. I felt it was a pretty big deal, since it differed so much from the writing style up until that point.

In short, all I want to say about this book is:

Very highly recommended!

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