Frat House Troopers

Frat House Troopers - Xavier  Mayne

** 2 Ugh stars **

Audio edition, narrator Peter B. Brooke.

Overall: 2
Performance: 3
Story: 2

DNF at 61%.

"Is it straight to want to rip those shorts off of you? Yeah, I don't care. I've got to see that huge dick."
~Nick~ (who's not the love interest btw..)

Gawd, I can't take this anymore.

First of all, Otila's review explains my issues with this story. Her review is spot on.
I didn't expect much either going into this story, but issue after issue annoyed me and reading her review made me go "yes, yes, yes!"
- completely non-plausible plot
- the romance between Brandt and Connelly, I didn't feel at all
- there were more chemistry between Nick and Brandt, than the actual love interests Brandt and Donnelly  

What annoyed me the most was the overwhelmingly need for every character to point out that they're SO straight.

"We're straight."
"Oh, I'm sorry," tuttet Bryce.
"Yeah, well, thanks." Donnelly drew a confused breath.
"Your straight friend is so hot."
"We're both straight, remember?"
"You're going to have men falling at your feet, big boy--even the straight ones."
He handed Brandt a pair of jeans that looked, to his straight eyes, just exactly like the pair he was wearing.
"But what kind of straight guy does--that?" Donnelly pointed at the screen.
"Is it straight to want to rip those shorts off of you?"

You get the picture. 

The only gay gay characters were so stereotypical, it kinda turned my stomach after a while. Very flamboyant, effeminate and all talking with a lisp (in the narrator's voice). So story and character "development" plus "gay" narration made me start feeling offended over so shallow characterization of gays and straight people. It's like a bad joke gone bad. It's like the book tries to be funny, but fails horribly.

I cannot recommend this to any of my friends, even though there were some highlights and fun moments.

Despite what I said above, the narrator did a decent job. He had different voices for all the characters and some were pretty good. And his tone of voice, young-ish and light, fitted the story.
He did have a tendency to make nasal voices, though. And his voices for the gay gay characters were very stereotypical flamboyantly gay. With a lisp. Of course the bad character development isn't the narrators fault, since he only narrates the script aka the story. The combination, though, I did not like.

PS. After I finished writing this review, I saw another great review . It was awesome. Please check it out. I'm so stealing borrowing the phrase "dickmatized". LOL!