Bright Star

Bright Star - Talia R. Blackwood

**** 4 Bright Stars ****

You need a pillow to read this book.

You need it for comfort so the loneliness of Phae's existence won't break your heart.

You need it to grip tightly when the alarm goes off.

You need it to muffle your gasp when the ship gets breached.

You need to continue gripping it tightly when the suspense is killing you.

You need it to pant into when Phae looses his V-card.

You need it to wipe.... never mind...

You need it to hide behind when it gets frikkin' scary and intense.

You need it to peak over to witness the mysterious meeting.

You need to hug it in despair when the lid closes.

You need it to hit your own head with it to distract you from (stupid) time jumps.

You need it to squeeze when it gets edge-of-your-seat suspenseful (again).

You need it to punch the senator for being the biggest motherfucker in the Universe.

You need it to catch your tears when help comes and the lid closes.

You need it to hug to stay hopeful.

You need it to bawl into when Phae says "How could I forget you? You are my Prince."

You need it to throw it into the air and whoop at the HEA!

A pillow "fight" BR with Julie, Momo and Elsbeth!

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Reading updates:

Then, slowly, the elevator begins to fall.

Christ! Scary and intense!

I love that we get dual POV :)

It's so intense, so overwhelming it almost hurts. Everything around me becomes black and buzzing, and in my head constellations and galazies explode.
I spiral down.

"Shit. Phae? Are you alive?"
Prince pats my face with his palm. "Oh my god. Have I killed you?"

Nope, you haven't, but he blacked out from your BJ there. LOL

"Phae, you too are special to me," I say, out of breath. "I think I---"
He puts a hand over my mouth. His eyes are big and scared. "I heard a noise," he whisperes.

Here we go again! O.O

This is the last thing I see.




"Do not lose your spirit. Maybe one day thing will change."

Wow.... well, there's always hope.


I have a magic, powerful word. I use it. Under my breath, savoring it on my lips, I say, "Freedom."

It's scary and intense again!
I'm breaking out the popcorn.

Maybe one day I'll awake.
And Prince will be there.


Yey! And that's HEA yey!


Now I'm mentally exhausted.. It was great, though.