Training Season

Training Season - Leta Blake image

-------------DNF at 60%---------------

I'm sorry. Not feeling it anymore... I want to read something I actually look forward to when picking up my Kindle.

I gave it a 1,5 rating, because the beginning was sweet and good.



I know next to nothing about figure skating, but hey, they wear tights, don't they? ;)
I hope my lack of knowledge won't prevent me for (hopefully) enjoying this.

*Google for pictures*

Damn, these figure skaters must be really prim and proper (or my search words is lacking), because I can't find a pre-review worthy picture. *pouts*

*continues Googling*


What's with the facial expression on the left? He sure has some upper body muscles going.

Oh, wow! I'm impressed. And... yum.

The heading for this picture on Google was "Ice Skater butt". Okay! :D

Now THAT is a new one! *tilts head* #Dirty mind is dirty. ;) lol