Love Lessons

Love Lessons - Heidi Cullinan **** 4 Disney stars ****

An upperclassman who looked like Flynn Rider from Tangled put down his cellphone, turned to face Kelly and smiled as he stuck out his free hand.
"Hi. I'm Walter Lucas, your roommate."


Meet Walter Lucas, the Casanova on campus. He has to share room with freshman Kelly Davidson, a nervous and shy boy, a waiting-for-Mr-Right virgin and a huge love for Disney movies and an equally huge list of allergies.

The story starts out frisky and funny, but turns kind of serious about halfway in. It seems Walter cynicism and don't-give-a-fuck attitude is just a shell that conceals a young man with issues. Kelly is the perfect "antidote" and lures Walter out of his shell and melts his heart with Disney movies.

I loved the first half of the book, swamped in Disney references (*squee*) and Walter and Kelly getting to know one another. It's a slow and wonderful burn and development.

David Kawena interpretation of Flynn Rider from Tangled.

I must admit that it dragged a bit during Walter's issues and with his favorite teacher maybe loosing his job in the middle and towards the end. But it had the purpose to show another side of Walter. He had quite the evolution as a character from cynical (but not bad) Casanova to a young man deeply in love, which he never thought he'd be.

I also want to mention that I started this, read about halfway and then put it on hold to read the newly published Brandon Mills versus the V-Card which intertwines with the epilogue of Love Lessons and "features" a premiere of Disney's Frozen.
It was great! My review HERE.
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Reading updates:

An upperclassman who looked like Flynn Rider from Tangled put down his cellphone, turned to face Kelly and smiled as he stuck out his free hand.
"Hi. I'm Walter Lucas, your roommate."

Then there were the jeans. The jeans made Walter want to moan, they told him so much. The jeans were tight, tighter that the shirt. The jeans had been chosen to advertise, though only to those who were shopping. The jeans hugged and molded and said, I am a gay boy with a fine ass and nice package to go with it, and while I'm a nice boy on the surface, I truly want you to take these jeans off and fuck me. Just be nice when you ask, because I have standards.Walter loved Hottie Freshman's standards.

Wow, a jeans can say so much!

He wanted a goddamn gay Disney movie, and no, that wasn't as oxymoron. He didn't think a relationship wound fuck up sex. He believed it would make it better.

Making him blush was fun too. It was so easy Walter kept doing it to explore the depths of how red the guy could get.

I'm feeling a lot of Disney updates coming for this book.
I'm really liking this so far!

"You don't want me to stop. You're sporting so much fucking wood you're going to have leaves in your ears."


"Okay, so I have a thing for Disney movies.

OMG! Google Image search David Kawena! Beautiful!

This is "Beast".

"You were watching Disney while I was drooling over Tom of Finland."

Tom of Finland? Who's that? *checks*
Oh my... oh MY! Oh My God!!

Look at those!! Now that's worth a Google search! Holy christ! Hahaha! Where has this hidden treasure been hiding, eh?

I'm liking this :)

As soon as Kelly stood, though, feeling the cold squish inside his pants, he made a face and shivered. "Oh, ew."

From fun and flirty, it turned suddenly serious. Kind of dragging..

"I'm not a Disney princess in a castle. I'm--" He fumbled as he tried to think of an appropriate metaphor. "I'm Luke Skywalker wanting to get it on with Han Solo." They'd been bought by Disney. The metaphor held.

"The dancing-in-space part is my favorite."

Oh, guys if you haven't seen Wall-E, please do. It's such a great movie! Wall-E is adorable.