Redemption - Olivia Duncan Craig

** 2,5 unbelievable stars **

First of all I've got to say that the blurb and the genres tag (on GR) are completely off for this book in my opinion. Which meant the expectation I had before I started this were not met, so I was disappointed about that. Some of the genre tags were: science fiction, bdsm, gay for you, erotica, fantasy. Those didn't fit AT ALL. I would call this book futuristic, not science fiction. Since it seems it's normal for men and women to be with either gender in this book, the "gay for you" tag is also misleading. This was the least erotic book I think I've ever read. And fantasy? Pfft, get the fuck out..

Also the blurb says, "It's a different world. Space has been colonized, the wealthy fly to work rather than fly, and slavery is legal." So I'm thinking it's a futuristic/sci fi setting, right, where it's SO different from how we live to day that it'll be interesting to read about, especially when the blurb mention "bondmate", I was curious to see what that entailed. 

Well, this could have been just any other normal MM romance book, except they "fly to work rather than drive", they eat supplements (smoothies and bars) instead of "natural food" (which does exist, but is expensive and rare, so everyone is brought up on supplements). Since the world is so normal the whole bondmate thing didn't work at all. I couldn't quite understand why Devin chose to get one. His friend suggested it, and it was like, "yeah, alright, I try it". But then Jason's contract is for 20, yes twenty, years. (!!!) And they get 72 hours to decide if they are a fit. It just didn't make any sense! That's what I mean with the setting, if it had been vastly different or "something" that made the whole bondmate thing believable, it may have been fine. 

What also bothered me was that Devin and Jason didn't talk about what their bonding entailed, so their misunderstandings kind of fell short because I was constantly thinking, "Well, you haven't been talking to each other and telling each other how you would like everything to be!"

It turned very violent at the end. It was all rounded up with a kidnapping and torture. O.o The past caught up with Jason and he was kidnapped and tortured by a bad guy who believed he had some information I hate reading about a MC being tortured! WTF?! Devin was playing the part of an "hero", and insisted that he should be a part of the rescue operation, even though he had been stabbed in the stomach the day before. The bad guy made an attempt to get to Jason and ended up stabbing Devin instead. They managed to rescue Jason while Devin is bleeding all over from the stab wound. ARG! Unbelievable!

Wow, I'm really slaughtering this book, huh? It wasn't all bad. The beginning was promising, but the book didn't follow through.