Fever Pitch

Fever Pitch - Heidi Cullinan

***** 5 Elijah stars *****

Audio edition, narrator Iggy Toma.
11 hours 48 minutes

Overall: 5
Performance: 5
Story: 5

Excellent book! The main character, the secondary characters, the community, the romance, the angst, and the MUSIC! Do yourself a favor when reading. Check out the songs that are talked about in the book when they appear. They bring so much to the story.

You might wonder why I called my rating "Elijah stars" when the main characters are Aaron and Giles. Well, the book was really good, but after Elijah's story came into focus towards the end, it took the book from 4 to 5 stars. That one star goes exclusively to Elijah and his story. His story and situation was a counterweight to the perfect, popular, handsome and talented Aaron, even fucked up as he was. A bit of a whiner too, I feel. And everything worked out so easily for him, and even though he had his problems, because we all do no matter which back ground we come from. However, Elijah sprinkled some "reality" to the story, and landed it "among us living" and not up there with the perfect plot/story/couple where everything is smooth sailing after the difficulties. 

I must admit, it was a bit long until it got to that part. It was a lot of school, sessions, rehearsals, both Aaron and Giles misunderstanding and dancing around each other. But the sense of community it brought to the book was great. But I truly loved the last part of the book.

Iggy Toma did an awesome job once again!

Highly recommended.