Frozen Heart

Frozen Heart - Heidi Cullinan **** 4 heartmelting Frozen stars ****


"Don't." His voice was thick and rough. "I'm having a moment."
Shutting his eyes, Kelly drew a deep breath, then exhaled slowly before opening his eyes again. He still didn't look away from the screen. "The teaser trailer for Frozen just came out."


Such an adorable short read that intertwines with the epilogue of #1 Love Lessons. Kelly is highly anticipating the release of the new Disney movie Frozen.... and by highly, I mean:
image a good way of course.

His excitement involves Walter too. Quite the scene there when the trailer was released! LOL ;)

Walter is concocting his own epic happily ever after and is shivering from both excitement and nerves.

Aaaand cue Frozen premiere!
Ps. Don't click on the spoiler if you haven't read Love Lessons