Conjuring the Shroud

Conjuring the Shroud - Tim O'Leary ***** 5 gamer stars *****

A FRISKY FRIDAY buddy read! And the story is FREE too.

THIS WAS AWESOME! Although, you need a certain nerdiness to enjoy it full I believe. Thankfully I'm definitely in that category, so this was a LOT of fun!
So many puns and the shifting between "real life" and "role-play" POV! It was great!

Favorite passage: <--get it? ;)<br/>
"What's happening?" he cried.
"I know not," Dathiel said. The ground trembled and suddenly split apart. A deep chasm began to widen, and from it a large figure flew out.
He was very tall and thickly veined, and his head, slightly redder that the rest of him, was capped with a shiny battle helm, mushroom-like in shape.
Concerning his eye, the stories were true--he had but one giant eye in the middle of his face, an eye that squinted as he stared at the two heroes.
(...) "This is the moment, Dathiel! The moment we face the Snake!"

Ahhhh, so much fun!

I also liked there was a safe sex message in this story. *nods*

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...the water running along the curves of her perfect breast like a river runs through the forest, only in this case the forest, only in this case the forest is made of breasts, and the cold caused her nipples to stiffen

What the FUCK? Female parts alert!

And it is all about the gaming circle. Some things are more sacred than which way our dicks are pointing.

And LOL! :D

After a harsh battle with a particularly nasty gelatinous cube (...)

Minecraft slime?


Totally wins the word of the day!

(...) Hathor had suggested they spar with the swords in their arsenal. "(...) you'll need to use the proper hand motions."

I am Pavlov's dog, and boners are totally my bell.

"Pre-bonerfication" needs to share first place for the "Word of the Day".

So mostly I just move my arms around a lot. You know, like I'm making a snow angel.


"This foe is besting us". Hathor cried.


...I'd say this is pretty magical.

100% The End