Murder on the Mountain

Murder on the Mountain - Jamie Fessenden

**** 4 whodunnit stars ****

--------- spoiler-ish review (not the murderer) -----------

A while back I was weighing two books to read, which was kind of similar I thought. It was [b:Mountain Prey|17936482|Mountain Prey|Lyn Gala||25146450] and Murder on the Mountain. I chose Mountain Prey to read first, and I couldn't have chosen more wrong. I dnf'd, read my review here. I was kind of put off Mountains for a while, but after a very positive review from Marco I gave this one a shot. And it couldn't have been more different from Mountain Prey. :D

This was a wonderful (you can say that, don't you? Even though it's murder?) murder mystery with a sprinkle of romance! I have a huge fondness for murder mysteries and this one was great!

We meet the two main characters.  Jesse, an aspiring murder mystery writer who discovers a body on the summit of Mt. Washington where he is working as a volunteer. Kyle Dubois, the police detective investigating the murder. I liked their blossoming interest and relationship. I also liked that it was an age difference and that Jesse, the younger of the two, had to show Kyle how to dance, so to speak. Although, I can never understand why an age difference is often made into such a big deal in stories. Often, one of the character, most likely the oldest, is thinking "no, we can't be together because I'm too old for you". It irks me, since I don't agree that one of two people in a developing relationship can make a big decision like that, without the other having any say, I mean. Thankfully, the "too old for you" was an issue just briefly. Jesse was too tempting ;) *snickers*

This story had one of the most interesting "find-out-who-the-murderer-is" deal I've ever seen! Albeit a bit sad.
I didn't get the impression reading the book that (plot spoiler! Don't click if you doesn't want to know, it doesn't reveal the murderer)Stuart was "psycho", though. But apparently he was.

Very recommended if you like a murder mystery with a touch of romance!

Thank you, Marco, for convincing me to try this out. :)