#First Impressions #Second Chances

#First Impressions #Second Chances - Heidi Belleau
Spoilerish review!

* 1,5 lots-of-feels-in-this-book-yeah-right star **
(see if you can find all my feels)

Ohhhhh Gaaaawd....
Reading this made me feel really really old. Yes, old! *growls*

I didn't like the characters at all. Jonah was all about updating his Tumblr page with "outfit for the day" and reading comments, intermixed with the story flow. *rolls eyes*

He gets asked on a date by his high school crush who happens to attend the same collage class as Jonah. *awww*

Jonah frets for days about what to wear and end up standing Sebastian up because his clothes are not good, even though he has all these important brands. *restraining for not dnf*

Sebastian takes no shit from Jonah, and turns up at his door, who throws a fit for not having the right clothes on. Sebastian says that he likes Jonah and wants to see where this goes, so he tells him off for standing him up. And btw, in the same breath or something, Sebastian confesses that he's been cyber-keeping-an-eye-on-him *wince* (aka stalking in my book, no matter the good intentions). *shocked*

After that revelation, what do they do? Well, they have to talk a selfie for Tumblr of course! *sarcastically Duh!*

Just as they take the selfie Sebastian kisses Jonah and the picture is supposedly the one below. Which is totally cute btw (hence a half additional star).

I love it, says Jonah. I love you, says Sebastian.


*runs away screaming*


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Dear Author,

He’s always been a little shy and anxious in social situations, making it difficult for him to meet new people. Most nights he stays home. Even though his long-time friend calls trying to get him to go out every once in a while, he makes excuses and stays in where he’s away from strangers and crowds.

After a long week, he wants nothing more than to relax into his typical routine when his friend shows up at the door.




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