Rack & Ruin

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**** 4 purring stars ****

This book, or rather series, reads as a good TV Show, where each book is like an episode. So when you're reading you can just sit back and let the THIRDS take you along for the story.

Dex and Sloane's relationships continue to develop, but the rest of the bunch are hitting some bumps in the road. Ash pretty much was an asshole in this. Okay, so he was one before, but here it's much more "in your face". It gets explained, but... *sigh* He really was an ass. I feel with Cael. I'm a bit anxious of what mess he'll find himself in in the next book.

Highlight of the book Sloane purred.

A faint rumbling coming up from Sloane's chest, vibrating against Dex's leg. Sloane opened his eyes, his bottom lip jutting out.
"I'm fucking purring."
"But you know what?" Dex lowered his head toward Sloane's and cupped his face.
"It's kind of adorable."


. OMG! :D :D

Dex is still the character who brings the book to awesomeness!

"But I'm a cute pain in the ass. Admit it. Look at these dimples." Dex pointed to his cheeks and grinned.

"Hey, Dex!"

Watching out for the next installment!

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