Circus of the Damned

Circus of the Damned - Cornelia Grey *** 3,5 Steampunk stars ***

-----------Spoilerish review! Major spoiler in spoilers, though---------

I wish this could have been... more.

I liked it, but I didn't love it. I was reading it with my brow furrowed. Instead of enjoying the story I was more focused on figuring the story out. There was Gilbert and the Circus of the Damned. And a curse. And the devil. A bad guy named Reuben, who was the bad guy, not the devil. The devil had had an affair with the Ringmaster of the Circus, Jesse, a looong time ago. And there were birds falling from the sky.

I had trouble differentiating the different characters of the circus too. Who was Hugo again? What did he do? And there was a bear, named Matilda? The characters kinda blurred. There was little about them that made them stand out, heh.. despite tentacles and all. I would have liked to know more about them, to let me know them better and remember them.

Gilbert was an okay character. I really liked his magic! Jesse was a character difficult to get a grasp of. At first he seems like the the demanding, strong, tough Ringmaster, but he wasn't. It's not often, maybe for the first time for me, but it actually threw me for a loop that Gilbert topped Jesse. Not that it matters who tops whom, but it just surprised me is all. . And I couldn't get them to work. I feel there was a lack of sexual tension between them too. I didn't feel the connection between Gilbert and Jesse. Yes, the sex was hot, but I didn't feel it, you know?

I did love the steampunk theme, though!

Gilbert, the magician.

Jesse, the Ringmaster.


Herbert, the elephant.

The Black Wagon.

Long time since you've seen a paperback? This is the backside of the paperback of Circus of the Damned.