151 Days

151 Days - John  Goode **** 4 stars ****

You know, sometimes en inspiration hits you from out of nowhere. I was thinking about how I felt about this book,
and for some reason it got me thinking of the ending of Lord of the Rings movie. Yeah, I don't even know how my mind
works half the time either. Well, it's more accurate to say how my feelings works. Because reading the last book of
the Foster High series made me feel exactly like watching the end of LOTR at Grey Havens.

Please watch from the beginning till about 0:46. What Gandalf says with the lovely music in the background!

Farewell at Grey Havens (Youtube link)


"Farewell, my brave Hobbits. My work is now finished. Here at last on the shores of the Sea comes the end of our fellowship. I will not say: Do not weep;for not all tears are an evil."


Through the Foster High series I've been through so much, seen many battles and victories, through hardship and pain, but also meaning, hope and of course love.

In the end I got my Happily Ever After. So I feel so happy about that, but at the same time sad as it had to end, and that is heartbreaking.
Just like the end at Grey Havens in LOTR.



Me getting some much needed hug. :)


...there is still hope. There is always hope.

"The ship" travels to new shores.


And I'm itching to see where John steers his new ship. I'll be waiting to leap ashore.

So thank you, John! I have really appreciated these books you have written. You have a gift with words, almost like a wizard. Heh ;) I'm so happy you have been able to put them together to make these books.

And, uhm.. sorry about the beard... LOL

The end
But not the end, really.

Thanks to my buddy readers!