End of the Innocence (Tales of Foster High)

End of the Innocence (Tales of Foster High) - John Goode ***** 5 FOSTER HIGH STARS *****



"Greatness is always met by hatred.
The true test is overcoming it."



"The bigots yell at us, we yell back, and all that is left after everyone takes a breath is hate. And still no one does anything to make it better."

You've really grown into your "powers", Kyle, and you wielded them extraordinary!

I think I highlighted everyone of your comments in the last third of the book. You.are.so.right!!

The first part of this book was great!
The last part was f*cking epic! Despite that horrendous incident.

"We did the right thing," he replied. "It feels pretty fucking cool."
image Brad and Kyle 4 ever! image

Quotes from Author's Note:

"But what happens next?"

"Books are safe, they are comfortable, and above all else, they are not me.
I like not being me for a little while. It's refreshing."

"For every hateful person who is trying to push you down, there are three normal people who would gladly extend a hand to help you up in a second."

"We are all people, and we are all deserving of respect. And you can't let anyone take that away from you. Ever."

"Happy ending are for people who make their own."

"You see, I wrote these books, and people like you read them (...) let me be a magic Kindle for you, if only for a few seconds. You're going to end up just fine."


It all boils down to hope doesn't it?
And the books in the Tales from Foster High series does indeed do that.
Give hope. Through pain and happiness.
All you need is love hope.

Thank you so much, John.