Tales From Foster High

Tales From Foster High - John  Goode **** 4 soaring stars *****

I loved Kyle.
He has had a lot to deal with in his life.
He has done the best he can.
Bowed his head and ploughed through, hoping.
Hoping there is a light, a better light at the end of the high school tunnel.

Suddenly there is an obstacle in his seemingly endless tunnel.
He cannot pass without looking up and face it.
And he does, right into green eyes.
Enter Bradley.
Who wants to be Kyle's obstacle.

Kyle doesn't look down anymore.
The tunnel is gone, and there's a cliff instead.
They take the plunge.
Scared, confused, overjoyed and exhilarated.
They fall and fall.
But the fall is more difficult than they had imagined.
They get hit on the way. Bump after bump.

But it doesn't matter.
There's an updraft, see.
Kyle's updraft is Bradley.
And Bradley's is Kyle.
They don't fall anymore.
They have everything they need.
They soar.

Read it.
Loved it.
Recommend it.
Read it!


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