Bone Rider

Bone Rider - J. Fally

**** 4 McClane stars ****

"I got body-snatched by an alien."
McClane grumbled a protest.
"A sentient alien armor and weapons system," Riley clarified. "Very sophisticated. Very unique. Very much a smartass. His name's McClane."

Meet McClane:

Actually, he's looks more like this...

A silver puddle or blob without a host. But with a host, he looks like this (when he "activates")....

It... He (very important distinction, since he's got feelings, mind you) is a specialized and highly advanced armor and weapons system which can think and feel for himself and when he faces a potential destruction from his makers he makes the space ship veer out of course and it ends up crashing on Earth. Way to go advanced alien armor system.. LOL. Since the space ship is unfortunate enough to crash land in the middle of a US military controlled area all hell breaks loose. 

"Aliens, Rik thought hysterically. Aliens, there's fucking aliens out there!"

.....said the alien Rik (who's hosting System Six soon-to-be McClane at the mo') on the alien planet (Earth), talking about the aliens (humans). LOL

At the same time a guy named Riley is on the run from his (ex)boyfriend, Misha, after he accidentally overhears a conversation and sees Misha playing with his sniper rifle (sorry, no that's not a pun, it's a fact (bummer btw)) which reveals Misha being an assassin for the Russian mob (and the son of the Mob boss no less). Riley of course freaks out and takes off running from Misha. Misha on the other hand don't want to give up on sweet Riley so easily since he's gone ahead and fallen for him. So he is chasing Riley down for the chance to talk to him, because the next-in-line mob boss has a soft heart and is a lovesick puppy, see?

Events occur and System Six (soon-to-be McClane) takes up resident in Riley's body since he can't survive without a host body. Meaning silver puddle inside him, strengthening him from the inside.

You know, this hasn't been fun for me, either, it said grouchily. I didn't plan to hitch a ride in an alien.
"You're an alien?" Riley squawked. It probably shouldn't have surprised him (...) "I got hijacked by an alien?"
You're the alien, the squatter insisted. I'm.... not from around here.

The US Military on the other hand is on the hunt for big bad alien (since their big guns didn't kill it. And why do they always shoot first and ask questions later?) aka Riley since he's the host. So now Riley has both got the Russian mob (okay, just Misha and his cronies) and the US Military on his tail.

What follows is a slightly highly unrealistic tale with...

a trigger happy US Military general...

A love sick, but highly trained and badass assassin...

a snarky and wiseass....

very convenient armor system...

who's got a few tricks up (inside, perhaps) he's sleeve.

It goes very much like this:

But also there's a bit of this:

And remember me saying McClane being a sentient system? Well, he's kinda involved in the above "activities", if you catch my drift.

It's very hot, in a cool and kinda weird way. LOL

Recommended if you want to try something different and not exactly realistic, but very fun action packed story. I'm definitely doing a re-read of this!