Blood & Thunder

Blood & Thunder - Charlie Cochet **** 4 Dexter stars ****

Second installment in the THRIDS series!
Check out my rather *cough* extensive review of #1 Hell & High Water here. ;)

Actually, I could copy-paste most of that review here, because just like the first book this book is entirely Dexter too. He is no less awesome than in the first.

"Damn, he was cute. Pale blue eyes shifted up and Dex cocked his head to one side, that brilliant smile stealing Sloane's breath away."

I loved seeing further development between Sloane and Dex.
Sloane had his own demons to fight on top of Isaac in this book and he was an ass some of the time.

Dex was like...

Dex is still Dex and there were plenty of laugh out load moments.
Including a hysterical night out on the towm with the whole team!
A drunk Dex? Definitely memorable. :D

The plot is a bit better in this one in my opinion. Thankfully there was no massive info dump like in #1. That being said there are still lots of excessive descriptions, which continue to bug me. :( *skipped through*

I have one big issue with the plot towards the end though. The plot moved towards the crescendo. Really good suspense. But then, in my opinion, the major mistake at about 88%. Sloane had been as major ass about following protocol and rules and waiting for backup the whole book (when Dez saved Hobbes after the explosion). Their fight over it took up a good deal of the book. And what does Sloane and Dex do when they went after the bad guys? They fucking went in without backup! What the hell? Major tactical error! And what happens? Sloane is incapasitaed and Dex is kidnapped. *rolls eyes* Hence my Tactical Facepalm picture at status update at 88%.

The ending was kinda "meh" after that, since I got a bit "well, got yourself into this position, being stupid... so..."

I'm looking forward to the next installment! I want more Dex and Sloan! I want more of the other guys too!