The Guy From Glamour

The Guy From Glamour - Skylar M. Cates
**** 4,5 big guy stars ****

Audio edition, narrator Matt Baca.
8 hours 12 minutes

Overall: 4,5
Performance: 5
Story: 4

This was such a gem hidden away among my shelves! I'm so happy I finally got around to listen to it!

A beautiful, slow burn love story mixed with a family theme. The story had so much going for it!

Loved Dean and Anthony. They were so different, but perfect for each other. I appreciated nothing was rushed into. I also liked Anthony's family. Their interactions and conversations were true and genuine. I liked reading about Mia, Anthony's sister and Cody. It was a little touch that made the whole book just sweeter. I honestly could have done without Rick "the prick", Anthony's ex-boyfriend. I'm not sure it added to the story. It made for some light angst, but that story line could easily have been dropped from the book, really. It would have been enough with getting to know Dean, Nicky, Anthony and his family.

I was also introduced to Aaron Weiss, Dean's army buddy, who is the main character of book 2 "The Only Guy."

Matt Baca is a new to me narrator. He did an awesome job, and I'm really impressed! He did all the voices, and the narrated sex scenes were really hot.
Very well done, Baca!

I'm so looking forward to start the second book! Recommended!

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