Brandon Mills versus the V-Card

Brandon Mills versus the V-Card - Lisa Henry, J.A. Rock **** 4 dino stars ****


I started reading [b:Love Lessons|17853573|Love Lessons (Love Lessons, #1)|Heidi Cullinan||24990932] by Heidi Cullinan a few days before Brandon Mills Versus the V-card came out. I've been waiting forever for it to be published, so I had to start it right away and put Love Lessons on hold. I was about halfway into Love Lessons and I couldn’t help but notice the two books are actually kind of similar, or have similar themes. Two guys meet in collage. Virginity is a subject in both books. One of the MC has issues. To make a really wide generalization, I would say that Love Lessons is Brandon Mills Versus the V-card minus the character Mark. Kind of.


I found Brandon and Alex's romance sweet and endearing. I quickly fell in love with Alex!

~ his favorite expression ~

And he loves dinosaurs:
"I love dinosaurs." Alex sat back on the bed and walked the Protoceratops across Brandon's laptop.
He smiled broadly at Brandon. "I collect them. Don't you love them?"


Their fumbling around is adorable!

I say that, being long past that stage in my life, but hey, we've all been there, haven't we? It's not adorable then, but in hindsight? I think adorable is the right word when reading about Brandon and Alex.

Mark, the MC from #1 [b:Mark Cooper versus America|19549885|Mark Cooper versus America (Prescott College, #1)|Lisa Henry||27682953] is also a prominent character in this book, but as a secondary character. And he is still Mark. :D LOL!

Brandon blinked. Pretty sure he caught a glimpse of lace(...)
"Okay," Mark said. "Busted."
"Um," Brandon repeated.
"So, sometimes I wear women’s underwear.


Actually, several secondary character take up a good deal of space in this story. Like Blake. He was such an amazing character!

"You gotta do what you gotta do."
~ Blake ~

Blake flashed him a smile. "Thanks! I'll be right out." His gaze turned dark. "I think." He darted into the restroom.
"You’ll meet some characters in college," Alex’s father had told him.


I both liked and didn't like that the secondary character got so much room so to speak. I liked it was because it kind of balanced out the heavy stuff like Brandon keeps reliving his childhood abuse. And it was a joy reading about Mark being, well Mark. So funny, I couldn’t help but laugh. It definitely made me want to read #1 again!

However I didn’t like that it took a bit of focus away from the MAIN characters in the book.

But still, as a whole it was great. A solid 4 stars.


Reading updates

(the first ones is under the review...)

Brandon blinked. Pretty sure he caught a glimpse of lace. (...)
"Okay," Mark said. "Busted."
"Um," Brandon repeated.
"So, sometimes I wear women's underwear."

I really need to re-read Mark Cooper versus America again after this!

"Turns out I'm fairly kinky," Mark said matter-of-factly.
Fairly, Brandon had learned, was Australian understatement for absofuckinglutely.

"What the fuck are Underoos?" Mark stared at him. "If there's some form of underwear I don't know about, I demand you tell me this instant!"

Quoting the hell out of this book. I got a lot of them queued up ;)

I didn't have any gay friends back home." Blake opened his notebook.
"I'm actually bi," Scoops said.
Blake stared at him, mouth slightly open. "So you do threesomes?"

"No."Scoops glared. "That is not what bi means."
"Right." Blake nodded so seriously Alex almost laughed. "Because... it means...?"
"That I feel attracted to both men and women. But not necessarily at the same time."
Blake wrote frantically in his notebook.

*snickers* Ah, Blake... ;)

Millions of people in the world knew how good it felt to kiss someone, to press their body against another person's, so why the hell did Brandon feel like he was the first person in history of humanity who'd made this epic discovery?



Ahh, Blake ;)

55% was good how things were, and Alex didn't want to mess things up. He just really, really wanted to get laid.
Like really.

LOL, Alex is a little eager ;)

The match was being moderated by Professor Winglow from the Astronomy Department.

Winglow? You sure? I was sure it was Professor Trelawney...

That's nice," Mark said. "Your little hula dancer will like this."


I am drukn. hurt myanke. EMERGENT!!! Bring beer. FML.

Drunk text from Mark.

"Omigod." Alex opened his eyes.
"Oh, my God."
"We're doing it."
"We're, like, the best at it."
Brandon's legs quivered with the effort of not coming. "I don't know if I would say the
" Shut up. We're awesome."

Can I call this whole scene adorable? ;)

Alex took the condom. "It's kind of gross that this has been in my ass."

Tell it like it is! ;)

"It's minty," Mark said. "Good for your breath." (...)
"And for future reference, newbies. Backseat. Every time."


"Mom's a cougar now." Ella snorted.
"What's a cougar?" their mom asked. "Is it like a MILF?"
Brandon's jaw dropped.
"Omigod," Alex whispered.