Untitled - Ella Frank

**** 4 sex, lust, love stars ****

This was a deliciously dirty concocktion. It says so in the end of the book! ;)

Lots of stuff happened in this book. One big emotional event in particular. *bawl* Both good and bad secondary characters.

I enjoyed it, so I'm ending up with four stars, even though the book has it's faults. There were a lot of repetitive words and phrases which got a bit bothersome towards the end. ("sexy as hell", "hard as a rock" etc etc. How about some new phrases, eh?) 

Lots of sex and lust, but also love. 

And dirty talk... 

“I told you I was stealing you for the weekend.”
“In a plane?”
Logan reached across the console and took his chin. He kissed him so hard that Tate wondered if his lips would be bruised, and when he finally raised his head, he said, “Yes. In a plane. I don’t think you understand how fucking happy I am to have you (...)
Then he added, “The only decision you have to make is whether you come quietly or screaming my name.”

And role-playing...


“Good evening, Mr. Morrison.”
Excited that Logan was still on board with his little fantasy, Tate inclined his head and replied, “Counselor.”
“I trust you haven’t been waiting too long?”
Tate lowered his eyes to Logan’s mouth and then returned them to the devilish ones watching him. “Not long at all. But I don’t mind. Like I said earlier, a good lawyer is hard to find.”
Logan unlocked his door, and as he pushed it open and stepped forward, he gave him a sexy-as-hell once-over and winked. “Or just hard in general.”

All in all I enjoyed it.

My cast!
Matt Bomer is Logan Mitchell.

Kit Harrington is Tate Morrison.