Double Alchemy

Double Alchemy - Susan Mac Nicol *** 3 somewhat ranting stars ***

This book started out really good and really hot! And I mean really lady boner hot.

But then the plot started and, well... it was okay, I guess.

Quinn is a powerful warlock and together with his Withinner he's even more powerful. But he just got hurt and about died like three times (I think it was three, I lost count), so most of the book, the big powerful (<-- sarcastic voice) Warlock was recuperating from his injuries! I may be cynical, but there was too much hospital visits and "sleep, you'll feel better tomorrow". *roll eyes* </spoiler>

And talking about his Withinner, that's his alter ego or extra Warlock and inner voice and whatnot by the way, what happened at about 40% was... bad to say the least. O.o *shakes bad feeling off* It was explained and sorted out, but it didn't make reading about it better or easier, especially since the explanation only came after the incident.

Taliesin, the Withinner's name, redeems himself though. What was surprising for me was that in the last part of the book my feelings towards Taliesin had completely changed. At the end I actually resented Quinn more than I ever had Taliesin! What Quinn is contemplating right at the end there?! If you try, Quinn, I'm gonna smack you! Grrrr... But that's for the next book.

The bad guy show down was at 84%. And after that the chapters just kept coming! And coming! Was this book ever going to end? I have to admit, I was flipping the pages at one point. And Quinn was such an asshole to Cade with the chest scene. I felt so bad for Cade. Quinn is so closed off and expect Cade to take him and his position all on faith. I get that Quinn's got secrets and bad memories, but geez, he doesn't have to go off like that. As Cade said, "it's not the first time". No, it wasn't! Get a grip, Quinn.

And you know what, let's just call a spade a spade, okay?
Magyck = Magic.
I don't know why author writing about MAGIC needs too make a new "fancy" word just to make it "special".

The most enjoyable part of this book, if I may humbly say so, was my updates and all the comments on them. So check them out!

Buddy read with definitely Marco, and kind of Momo and Mel and... I lost count there too. :P

I'll be reading the sequel though. But maybe not right away.
[b:Climax|22236225|Climax (Double Alchemy, #2)|Susan Mac Nicol||41605863]
[bc:Climax|22236225|Climax (Double Alchemy, #2)|Susan Mac Nicol||41605863]