Buck Baxter, Love Detective (The Buck Baxter Mysteries Book 1)

Buck Baxter, Love Detective (The Buck Baxter Mysteries Book 1) - Geoffrey Knight **** 4 trilby stars ****

“You are not the destroyer of love, Mr. Baxter. You do not create the pain. You free it. You open people’s eyes to what they must abandon and leave behind. You show them the path to a new future.
You do not destroy love . You create new opportunities for it to exist someplace else. You give love hope to live on. Don’t you see?
You are not simply a detective, Mr. Baxter. You are a love detective.”

Madame Chang

Buck Baxter for me, reminds me of a gay version of Indiana Jones, except he's not an adventurer he is a detective. A detective who answers his phone stark naked only wearing his my "trusty black trilby"! *whimpers* See update at 4%.

Oh, and there's an important difference between a trilby and a fedora, apparently. I found out when Google'ing. Indiana Jones wears a fedora and we all know what he looks like, while Buck Baxter wears a trilby. (you can actually buy your own official licensed Indiana Jones fedora hat here at Indianajoneshats.net. LOL ;)


I really liked the story, the setting and the characters, both MC and secondary characters. Such great names! Buck Baxter, Holden Hart, Stella Sterling, Mama Merlow. :D

However, I would have loved a longer story. It could have been much more. But at the same time, I'm amazed Knight's ability to make such a story in relatively few pages.

I'm a sucker for Geoffrey Knight's work. This was no exception.
I love the way he write stories filled with kind of cliché story, scenes and characters. That cliché comment is a compliment by the way. And I love that he is able to make it work!

In my opinion there's a subtle and undefinable difference between a GOOD adventure/action/mystery movie or book and a BAD one. It's not always easy to pinpoint what it is exactly what makes the difference, but if you're able to make it work, it WORKS. It's like porn you know, you know it when you see it. ;)

Knight's ability to make it work has been a common factor in all Knight's books I've read so far.
And it's the reason I love them!


Next Buck Baxter story is out in December.
"Buck Baxter and the Disappearing Divas"
(external link, it's not on GR yet)