Drunk Text

Drunk Text - seventhswan ** 2 "book"slapped stars **

This is a free online read. The story has 15 chapters.

I would hazard a guess that the author is, I don't know, inexperienced? The writing wasn't all that good, but it sort of fit with the MC's voice. So it was kind of refreshing to read something that wasn't, you know "polished" for once.

The short blurb gave me the impression that this should be a light, fluffy and fun read. And it was! Up until the end of chapter 13.

But the beginning first. The start was really funny. Gunnar, the MC wakes up after a Thirsty Thursday at collage. He is stark naked and covered in colorful finger-paint. He has scratches on his back and a smattering of hickeys on his hips and inner thighs. LOL! An evening well spent, eh? Well, he can't remember much of what happened, but he gets these flashbacks to being with a guy, yes a guy. Well, he's not gay. Definitely straight. He thinks. Maybe or maybe not?

And hence the story continues with Gunnar and the most definitely gay Vance. And everything is fluffy and funny, although. In chapter 13 there's a little bit of angst, which makes Gunnar pay a visit to his brother for advice. And then BAM! right out of NOWHERE the story goes like this:

"James lives halfway across town, and it takes Gunnar an hour before he gets there, sweaty and gritty and so angry he could puke. He knocks violently on James's door, words already half-spilled from his mouth. James will know what to do. He always does. And then he'll sort of the thing with Jon, and everything will go back to normal.(...)

He knocks again, and when James doesn't come to the door, he stomps down to the mailboxes and fishes the skeleton key out from the magnetic box underneath. (...)

He stumbles into the hallway, wondering if James has gone out (...)

"James?" he calls, darting into the kitchen to find it empty. He continues down the hall, and it's the silence that hits him first. Before the sight of him. Before— "James?"

Something primal is already clawing its way up Gunnar's throat and making his limbs quake as he takes the last few steps down the hall. He says, "Oh."

He says, "Oh god."

His hand flies to his mouth, nails scratching at his lips as he processes what's in front of him.

James, sickly grey and reeking of piss and vomit. His eyes are closed. His hands are open. There are pills.

Gunnar says, "Jesus."

Gunnar says, "James?"

He's dead of course. James.

The doctors say he was dead about a day before Gunnar got to him."

Hence my reaction

I was so shocked by this sudden turn of event I almost dropped my Kindle and everything just unraveled and fell apart. I got totally "book"slapped by this. Maybe it was because it was closing to midnight when I read this, so I was relaxed and sleepy and my "defences" where low. And/or I never expected for someone to DIE in this fluffy fun short story!

Grrr! Right then and there, I couldn't take it anymore so I DNF'd with only 1,5 chapter left. Two days later I finished it before I wrote this review, because, well.. it was just one and a half chapter till the end. And, of course Gunnar got back together with Vance. So nothing like the death of a brother to force you to realize you actually love your boyfriend.... *snort* Yeah, I'm still a bit pissed at the story/author to "book"slap me like this.

I originally gave it 1 star since I DNF'd it, but after I finished it I gave it 2 stars, because chapter 1 to 13 was good, I liked it. 2 stars = it was okay.

Read it if you like, it was free. Just because I reacted this way, doesn't mean you will.

ps. it was difficult with pages in my updates since this was a online read, so I just called my updates "1, 2, 3 etc" which looks weird on my updates.