Superhero - Eli Easton, Tristan Wright *** 3 superhero stars ***

Audio edition, narrator Tristan Wright.
2 hours 57 minutes

Overall: 3
Performance: 2
Story: 3

This was a very sweet Young Adulty Gay For You-y story. Heh. ;)

We follow Jordan and Owen from when they were little and see their friendship start and blossom. The story follows them through their school years, and it's mostly Jordan pining for his supposedly straight best friend. I liked both Owen and Jordan, but it was very onesided from the beginning. When Owen finally comes around and admits he want Jordan too, the story just... ends... with a neat little epilogue. 

I feel slightly bereft. 

The narrator's voice was young-sounding so it fitted the story.
The story was dual first person POV, and there are frequent shifts between the two point of views. The narrator did not distinguish between the two shift at all with his narration. There were multiple times I was wondering who the heck was actually "talking". Jordan or Owen?

Each POV shift had a headline of "Jordan" or "Owen", but the narrator read these (very important headlines!) like a continuation from the last paragraph, so it all sounded like it was one continuing POV narration. I had to go back several times and relisten. The first times it happened I was confused, because I didn't even understand the POV had shifted! When I finally cottoned on to the dual POV, I had to concentrate to pick those headlines up, so as to know the POV had shifted. The lack of a natural pause before each point of view change confused me, and it totally took me out of the story. As a listener to an audio book these shifts are crucial to distinguish. So just 2 stars for the performance. Well, actually, I think it's more of an editor's responsibility than the narrator's?

I'm not discouraging anyone to give it a go, though. It was a sweet story, and I'm not sorry I listened to it!