Running Wild

Running Wild - S.E. Jakes **** 4 please-ride-me stars ****

July 4, 2014.
*** 3 please-ride-me stars-but-what-a-mess stars ***
(I've downrated to three stars instead of four. Why? Because I slept on it and feel it's more right with tree..)

Want to go for a ride?

I liked it. I mean, hot biker man on man action? Come on! Although it was more biker man on car man action. It sure got my motor running. ;) But, I think it could have been more fucking than driving IMO. There, I said it out loud.

It was a bit back and forth, though. Sean sure did have a lot of issues, and some of the who's stealing what for whom, cars and clubs and buyers and Albanians, was a bit confusing at times.

Ryker was a bit difficult to get a hold on, but the way he was with Sean? *melts* And the roses? *double melt*

"Dammit, I like it when you take control."
"Babe, I could've told you that from the first night we met."


And since I've already mention there's cars involved, I take the liberty to add this pic and let your imagination do the rest. Or read the book. Heh!