Swarm (Channeling Morpheus, #9)

Swarm (Channeling Morpheus, #9) - Jordan Castillo Price First part...
Hmmm, not suuuure I'm liking this...





Do NOT eat or drink when clicking this spoiler. Actually finish eating and drinking first. And brace...

Three vamps were in the corner, a guy with long brown hair on the floor, and two women kneeling, one in front, one in the back. I thought maybe it was a kinky threesome, what with his feet in the air. But then I saw the enema bag.

"We figured it out(...)", Charlie said. "How to get fucked up on practically nothing. Wine enemas. You get drunk hard, you get drunk fast. And there's no throwing it up, 'cos you don't waste it on your useless gut." (...)

The vamp on his back let loose, and wine gushed out. (...) His ass was right next to a grate in the floor. I tried to pretend I didn't smell the wine. That I didn't hear it dripping down the grate. If I'd had anything in my stomach, I think I would have puked.

No kidding...



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