Snare - Jordan Castillo Price Well, thank god, this was much better than #6 The One Which I will Not Name!

"Wild Bill was naked. Lying in bed. Smoking. Naked. He smirked when I got an eyeful of him, and teased one fang with the tip of his tounge."
Uuuuunnnf! Oh, and did I mention this involves ice cubes? *melts* And yes, they do... ;)

Anyway, Michael gets a phone call from Dr.Jim, the vampire researcher from book #4 (I think? Correct me if I'm wrong). He wants help to catch a vampire. plot spoiler -->"My working theory is that a vampire has mutated." Wild Bill is a bit reluctant since he is less than fond of Jim (understatement of the year).

Dr.Jim tries once again to tempt Michael to come and work and study with him. He turns seriously creepy and is basically a dick.

Dr.Jim also tells Michael "It's more like you've got a very mild case of the condition thats not going to progress any further."

Michael's answering thought cracked me up:
"Mildly vamped. Was that like being a little bit pregnant?" LOL!

But then Dr.Jim goes and disses Wild Bill and that pissed me off:
"Not now, eh? Not while you're busy mooning over that white trash boy. Fine. Get it out of your system. You'll tire of him soon enough and start thinking about your future."

Gah! Well, fuck you, Jim!

The hunt part was really suspenseful! They used a goat at bait, though.
Ha! Totally Jurassic Park moment.

It could have gone real bad, but a change of heart made a surprise ending. Not telling ;) Too bad it cost Michael what it did, even though he is a vampire. *wince*

Wild Bill takes care of him though, and checks them in to Daisy Chain Inn's honeymoon suite because of the Jacuzzi (and bed, I think) Hehe. Wild Bill saves the day!

"Yards and yards of blood-red satin surrounded him, as if we were in a gigant box of valentine candy."
Holy moly, it was hot!

Buddy read with Marco. His review here.