Fluid (Channeling Morpheus, #8)

Fluid (Channeling Morpheus, #8) - Jordan Castillo Price Oh no! Is this going the same way as The One I Have Suppressed #6 only with a girl?!

Oh thank fuck! It didn't, or else I would have burned my Kindle. *huge, no enormous relief* Dammit, #6 messed me up real bad...

Michael and Wild Bill is at a party where they meet a photographer who wants to do a photo shoot of them. And boy did they! Worth the whole book that! *Big grin*

Later there's a bad case of "water-willies"

Poor Wild Wet Bill!

And there's a scene with handcuffs in the end. But not the way I had really wanted! Damn. But it was really sweet though.

Buddy read with Marco. His review here!