Brazen (Channeling Morpheus, #6)

Brazen (Channeling Morpheus, #6) - Jordan Castillo Price Hit it Bradley Cooper! Yeah, throw this crap away!

How can it go from the best of the series (previous book) to this crap?!
This was the worst threesome I have ever read, and that's saying a lot coming from me. I usually like them if they are well done. This.was.not! I have now painfully discovered that threesomes can be a hit or miss. This definitely was a miss. Gah! It came so suddenly, it was awkward and...and... Gah! I shiver to shake the bad feeling it left me with.

The other books have been good, so this felt so totally unneccesary.
At the end of the story is a Author's note about the story she talks about how Wild Bill and Michael gets "emotional mileage" from their "little romp with Damien"....*gag*
I have never read a note from the author explaining the reasons for a threesome afterwards.
If the author feels it necessary to explain, why the hell did she even write one? That even made it worse.
I'm going to completely ignore this fluke and pretend it never happened. Although "the cut" it made in me is still fresh, bleeding and hurting... pun intended...

Next, please. That better be good.

Totally in sync with Marco on this book. His review here.