Rebirth (Channeling Morpheus, #5)

Rebirth (Channeling Morpheus, #5) - Jordan Castillo Price This story starts with Michael and Wild Bill visiting Michael's parents. And family does what family does best, tells you things you don't want to hear. This holds true for Michael too, and especially his sister pisses him off when she tells him "You're definitely the girl" when she sees Wild Bill.

They takes off with Michael in a unusually pissy mood. Bill is behind the wheels since Michael doesn't trust himself not to 'accidentally' back into his mother's Volkswagen. LOL!

Pissy Michael was fun reading. I guess Wild Bill found it amusing to, but in the end he tells Michael "You wanna pout, or you wanna get your rocks off?". Subtle, as ever, Bill is. Oh, and this time they're on an outdoor picnic table... Who says the outdoor isn't fun?

After the less than successful family union, Michael wants to check out a vampire commune where maybe him and Wild Bill can settle down. Does Wild Bill want to go? "We got nothing but time, living La Vida Vampa." *hums Ricky Martin* (His lips are devil-red. Living La Vida Vampa. He will push and pull you down. Living La Vida Vampa.)

So they visit the commune and BOOM! All hell breaks loose and Wild Bill turns WILD, really angry while Michael gets all John Wayne. I was clutching my Kindle the whole time! *hyperventilating* They managed to (plot spoiler) save the girl from the fate of the vampires. *shivers*.

And of course the sex was hot too!
"You dig that?" Bill asked, and I felt the words against my mouth where he'd just been plying me with kisses. "I always thought it was some vamp-voodoo that tickled your fancy while i cut you up. But I get a little bossy with you, and your cock throbs against mine so hard I can feel it."

The best read so far in this series in my opinion!

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