Vertigo (Channeling Morpheus, #2)

Vertigo (Channeling Morpheus,  #2) - Jordan Castillo Price ****4 bloody and dirty stars****

Holy shit, what a RIDE! Literally!!! This was not a roll in the hay, this was more thrashing around on the ground with twigs and leaves!

Big unf!

'Nuff said.


BR with Marco! His review HERE

As a little sidenote.... when I look at the cover I can't help myself and my mouth goes all pouty like in the picture.

*makes pouty mouth while talking*

Can you feel it? You are doing it yourself aren't you?! Just like me... yeah... pouty pouty pouty. *smacking lips*

Now you can read my review all over again with your mouth all pouty like that! It's so much fun!

If you pouted click here --> image

If you didn't.... well, party pooper you.