Payback (Channeling Morpheus, #1)

Payback (Channeling Morpheus, #1) - Jordan Castillo Price ****4 UNF stars****

THAT is one hot vampire PWP for you! And with a little twist too, didn't see that one coming. Surprisingly there wasn't a drop of blood shed either! That is a first for the vampire stories I've read.. Intriguing characters, I'm thirsty for more!


Marco's review here.

Sooooo... PWP, huh?

I have to admit that the first time I came across that three letter abbreviation I had to Google it... Don't judge okay, GR is filled with these fuckers. It's like learning a new language.

IMO, BR a PWP book is not TMI and I refuse to DNF or I will LMAO, IYKWIM! <--LOL!<br/>
Oh, my BFF BR is Marco ;)