Don't Look Back

Don't Look Back - Josh Lanyon ...I'm so easy... One drool look at the cover and halfway through reading the blurb I clicked "Want to read" ;P Sue me. After I read the whole blurb though, I found that it checked a lot of my boxes. LOL! Mystery, suspense, Detective..

****4 mysterious stars****

This was my pre-review of this book. As I said I'm easy. :P But when I bought the book at Amazon there was a totally different cover
[bc:Don't Look Back|18634206|Don't Look Back|Josh Lanyon||6774972].
Boring, I thought. But, you know what? After finish reading, I think that cover was much better than the droolworthy one! It's way more fitting.

Sometimes the first paragraph of a book just sets you in the mood, you know, makes you dive right in and grips a hold of you. This was very much the cast with this book! Have a look at the beginning:


"Chapter One
The moon was enormous — ripe, red-gold, hanging low in the sky. From the flowering jacaranda, the mockingbird was scolding.
Peter stumbled up the brick path. His foot caught and he went down, on his knees, breathing hard. His hands were white blurs on the warm stone. He tried to focus, and he could see the ink splotches of blood — his blood — running down his face and dripping onto the bricks."

Thrilling, right! I can really see that scene in my mind!

So, Peter wakes up in the hospital, recovering from his injuries, and he is visited by the very pissy detective Michael Griffin. He questions Peter, but Peter doesn't remember anything and is generally confused.

As the story contiues and the mystery evolves and unfolds, Peter discovers a lot about himself and about how his life has been up until this point. Those discoveries makes him want to "Don't look back".

The mystery was a bit predictable, but I didn't mind it at all. Lanyon weaves a great tale of mystery.

A recommended read of about hundred pages. :)