Untitled Dark Space

Darker Space - Lisa Henry

**** 4,5 Darker but more awesome stars ****

"You though it was you that saved us. But it was you, Brady, it was always you."

Phew! What a ride! Finally I got to read the sequel to Dark Space, which is one of my all time favorite books, and it didn't disappoint! Lisa Henry's writing is superb as always. Her characters, the way she describes the world around them and their feelings is, well, out of this world!

The books picks up the story six months or so after the end of Dark Space. Brady struggles with nightmares, has an attitude bigger than life and an equal sized chip on his shoulder. He hasn't dealt well with the terror he went through in the last book. He's so angry and has all these depressing thoughts about his life, his situation, himself, his relationship with Cam and their family. Which I get. He's probably suffering from PTSD, I mean, who wouldn't after what he went through?? 

I'd looked a Faceless in the eye. I was a fucking insect. We all were. Sometimes anger was still all I had.

I totally understood Brady being the way he was. I get it, I really do. At the same time, it was a tad bit much of his pessimistic opinions. It pulled me down. When I got to about 30-40% I was ready to put the book down to take a breather, because I was feeling so depressed myself.

I didn't recognize Brady much, because his negative thoughts were so overwhelming. I do get why he feels this way, as I said before. But he's got Cam, though, and Lucy! Lighten up, Brady! But he didn't. It kept going, so it pulled my enjoyment down a bit.
Until 50% that is when shit started happening. Really started happening!
THIS was what I was hoping for!

I could face all my nightmares.
I might not do it like a hero, but I'd do it all the same.

I loved, loved, LOVED the last half of the book. It was like a continuation of Dark Space, only better and more awesome! 
(How do you manage it, woman?!)

All kudos to Lisa Henry, she continues to blow me away.
Thank you so for writing an awesome sequel to Dark Space with all the twists and turns that made it such and enjoyable read.
(and writing a third book too! We gotta know how it all turns out!)

Highly recommended!

And for those of you who are scared of Kai-Ren? Don't be. 

"Guess the universe had a sense of humor after all.

*flips Lisa the bird*

(you'll get it after reading the book... lol)

My review of #1 Dark Space.

/>Gorgeous covers!