Dirty Laundry

Dirty Laundry - Greg Tremblay, Rhys Ford

***** 5 Dirty series stars *****

Audio edition, narrator Greg Tremblay
8 hours 56 minutes

Overall: 5
Performance: 5
Story: 5

Love this book! There is so much going on at all fronts. We finally get to meet Ichiro, Cole's younger half-brother . Lots of emotional stuff going on between Cole and Jae. Jae is struggling between his responsibility as Korean man towards his family and doing what he actually wants

The criminal case is easier to follow this time around, and I actually understood who the killer is. LOL

And that cliffhanger, though!

#1 Dirty Kiss

#2 Dirty Secret

#2.1 Interview with Kim Jae-Min (read after Dirty Secret)
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#2.2 Dirty Afternoon with Bobby Dawson (read before Dirty Laundry)
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#3 Dirty Laundry

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#5 Down and Dirty
Bobby and Ichi's story.

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