Dirty Secret

Dirty Secret - Rhys Ford, Greg Tremblay

***** 5 Dirty series stars *****

Audio edition, narrator Greg Tremblay
8 hours 4 minutes

Overall: 5
Performance: 5
Story: 4

Yeah.. this is the book where I have no idea who the killer was. LOL!

Most of the Korean names got jumbled together in my head and I couldn't keep them apart. One of the reasons was that I listened to the audio version of the book, and the Korean names only get spoken, I never see them written, so they all sound alike. But, here's the thing. It didn't bother me one bit!

I was too focused on enjoying Cole, Jae, Claudia, Bobby, Scarlet, Mike and Maddy, even the black "demon", Niko. The dinner scene is always so incredible heartbreaking. Cola and Claudia's talk is heartwarming. Cole and Jae are so good together, even though they have their own issues. And they're so hot together too, I mean, they broke the bed! 

This is one of my favorite series and characters of all time. I love these books, and by that I mean the audio edition narrated by my favorite narrator Greg Tremblay. I've listened to this book and the rest of the series numerous times.
I love Rhys Ford's writing and the characters she has created with this series. Greg Tremblay gives life to the characters with his narration. Each character has his or her own voice.

Cole McGinnis: snarky and slightly sarcastic way of speaking, but with lots of feelings.
Jae-Min's Korean accent.
Bobby's growling one-liners.
Claudia's southern maternal and stern voice, with a "black" tone, if I'm allowed to call it that.
Scarlet's silky Philippine accent.
Mike's older brotherly slightly exasperated-over-Cole's voice. 
And all the other characters that cross paths with Cole in this story.

It's impressive work! 

So, even though I still haven't found out who the killer is, I was enjoying this book for the umpteeth time!

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